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Returns and Refunds

While We may refund amounts as applicable in different situations, You agree and understand that the taxes which are paid under Applicable Law shall not be refundable.

Situation 1: ​ Customer Defaults

  1. When the Product is delivered at the address given by You but You are not available at the delivery address to accept the delivery or You have provided Us incorrect/fake address, in such an instance the Logistics Partner attempts the delivery at three (3) different times. Also after each attempt a communication is made to You from Us either by SMS or e-mail. After the third unsuccessful attempt the Product is returned as ‘undelivered’ to the Vendor. In this scenario, if it is a Perishable Product then We will be forced to destroy it. In which case You shall not have the option of requesting a re-delivery. You shall not be entitled to any refund on any ground whatsoever.

  2. In case the Product/s are not Perishable, You may request for a re-delivery (in case of issues with the address, You shall provide Us with the correct address when You make a request for re-delivery). In this scenario, a re-delivery will be attempted only after You transfer an amount equivalent to the amount incurred by the Company/ Vendor/ Logistics Partner in shipping the Product/s to Your Location and back to the Vendor/s location and the packaging costs involved therein. This amount (hereafter for the sake of brevity referred to as ‘re-delivery’ amount) shall be communicated to You by Us after receipt of Your request of re-delivery. The Product shall be dispatched only upon receipt of such amount from You.

  3. In case a refund is requested, the shipping charges from Vendor’s location to the delivery address and for return of the Product from the delivery address to the Vendor’s location shall be deducted from the total refund value. However, it is hereby expressly clarified that in a given scenario or a particular case whether a particular Product falls under Perishable or non-Perishable category shall be the decision of Zeromiles and shall be binding on You.

Situation 2 ​ : ​ Logistics Partner(s)/ Carrier Partner(s) Defaults

  1. In case of any default(s) by the Logistics Partner including but not limited to delayed delivery, non-delivery, tampering of the package, damage to the Product/s (hereinafter referred to as “Defaults”), You shall report to Us at: ​ within 12 (twelve) hours from such Default occurring and We shall forward such grievance to the Logistics Partner/ Carrier Partner. Alternatively You may contact Logistics Partner/ Carrier Partner directly for faster remedy of Your grievances.

  2. You agree and understand that Zeromiles is merely a facilitator in providing You the delivery services of Logistics Partner/ Carrier Partner and that Zeromiles has no control over the Logistics Partner in any manner. We hereby clearly disclaim any and all liability and responsibility for any Defaults committed by Our Logistics Partners/ Carrier Partner. Kindly take note that the dispatch dates and times provided by the Logistics Partner/ provided on the e-mail/ website of the Logistics Partner are approximate values and scheduled or planned timings and hence are not to be misinterpreted as committed or promised performances. In this scenario, We shall refund an amount not more than 10% of the total cost of the Product/s. We request any additional claims by You regarding the refunds, compensation, return of the Product/s damaged/deteriorated due to the negligence/ default/omission/ commission by the Logistics Partner/ Courier Partner may be directed to Logistics Partner/s alone.

Situation 3: ​ ​Vendor Defaults

  1. In case of breakage of Products which are extremely brittle/crispy like cookies, chips etc. We will ask the Vendor/s to pack the Product/s as to ensure the quality of the Product/s is intact, but still there is a high likelihood that there may be damage caused to some of the items or part of the Product. We hereby absolutely disclaim any liability for any such damage caused which is not more than 50% (fifteen percent) of the entire content/s of the Product. In case of damage above 50% (fifty percent), You shall send a photograph of the damaged Product/s within 1 hour of having received the delivery of the Product to​ with the Subject - ‘Damaged Package’. ​ In such situations, Zeromiles may, in its sole discretion, refund to You not more than 50% (fifty percent) of the total money paid by You for that particular transaction. In any case, You by agreeing to these Terms, waive off Your remedy in law, if any, to claim the same as of right.

  2. If the goods are completely destroyed or are infested by insects or ants or fungi. The Vendors who list their Product/s on Our Site shall make sure that Product/s are fresh and have a healthy shelf life at the time of dispatch from the Vendor’s location. However in case a Product has gone bad at the time of delivery, it shall be Your responsibility to send Us the photographs within 2 (two) hours of Your having accepted the delivery through e-mail to:​ with the Subject - ‘Damaged Package’. In such a case, We may either refund the entire money paid by You for the Product OR have another Product of the same description delivered to You. You shall duly receive a dispatch mail intimating You of such a decision OR We may refund You by giving You credits in Your Zeromiles Customer Account.

  3. The Products which are listed on the website may contain ingredients which may cause allergy (including without limitation food allergy, skin allergy) to You which include but are not limited to nuts, seafood, milk and dairy Products, eggs etc. If You have a query/ doubt regarding any allergies, please enquire with Us at:​ about the Product/s that You wish to purchase by providing Your contact details along with the query. We shall forward Your query/ doubt regarding the Product allergies to Vendor and either We or the Vendor may contact You with an answer to Your query. Zeromiles disclaims any liability if You have placed an order without inquiring about food allergies and if You or Your beneficiary or recipient of the Product/s face any discomfort or disorientation of health.

Further We do not endorse or guarantee the accuracy of information provided by the Vendor upon a query/ doubt by You regarding any allergies on Products. Any and all actions/ claims (including consumer claims) may be taken up by You against Vendor directly as We merely act as facilitators in forwarding Your query/doubt to the Vendor and We don’t provide guidance/ advice on such matters. Moreover, if You or any individual who is intended to consume the Product so ordered suffers from any allergy of any kind then You for Yourself and for such individual hereby agree to waive off any claims that You or he/she/they may have against Zeromiles Internet Services Private Limited and agree to indemnify and keep indemnified, well and sufficiently saved and hold harmless against any loss that Zeromiles may suffer as a result of You having consumed such food item/Product.

If you have questions concerning any of the above, please contact us on the below Email ID: or +91 8387897869